Betula nana 'Glengarry'
Dwarf Birch
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Family: Birch Family (Betulaceae)
Native Habitat: Arctic and cool temperate regions of Europe, N. America and Asia

Here's a neat little twiggy shrub with tiny glossy green leaves that turn a stunning golden color in autumn. It's neat in a couple of ways. Literally, it's neat and tidy, slowly growing to form a neat, small mound up 2 ft high and wide. The leaves have unusual small, rounded teeth on the margins. And it's neat figuratively, as in "what a cool little plant". This is certainly not a spectacular shrub, but none the less really appealing in a low key kind of way. After growing this for many years here at the nursery, it's become one of our favorites.

We're unsure as to the origin of this variety. Glen Garry is a mountain valley in the highlands of Scotland that is the ancestral home of the Clan MacDonnell. Glengarry is also the name of the boat-shaped hat worn by all infantry divisions of the Scottish Division of the British Army. It's also worn by members of Scottish bagpipe bands and as part of formal Scottish evening wear, usually along with a kilt. We're pretty sure our plant in no way resembles a hat. It's neat, small mounded form is quite distinctive for a Betula nana so we're guessing that a sharp eyed gardener probably first collected it in the highlands of Scotland.

P.S.- Sorry about the poor picture. We'll get a better one posted ASAP.

Ornamental Characteristics: Small glossy leaves with rounded teeth. Spring catkins that are quite attractive on close inspection. Lovely golden-yellow fall color.
Habit & Growth Rate: Slow growing. Forms a perfectly rounded mound about 2 ft. high and wide
Landscape Uses: Foundation plantings. Mixed borders. Shrub borders.
Hardiness: Zone 2 to 7
Culture: Best in full sun in average to moist soil.