Enkianthus campanulatus
Redvein Enkianthus
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Family: Heath Family (Ericaceae)
Native Habitat: Japan

Shrubs that are members of the Heath Family, such as Azaleas and Rhododendrons, are often times difficult to grow in the heavy, neutral or alkaline soils commonly found in the midwestern U.S. Enkianthus is a notable exception and is a remarkably ornamental and carefree shrub.

Enkianthus is an upright, deciduous shrub which typically grows to 6 or 7 ft. high and wide here in the midwest. A 15 year old specimen in our display gardens is about 6 ft. tall. In late spring small, bell-shaped, creamy or yellowish flowers appear in pendulous clusters. The flowers are attractively striped in pink or red. The medium-green to bluish-green leaves (to 3" long) are crowded near the branch ends. Fall color is somewhat variable and can be outstanding. At its best it features excellent red foliage with tones of orange, yellow and purple.


Ornamental Characteristics: Upright, deciduous, flowering shrub. Green to bluish-green leaves are clustered near the ends of the branches. Pendulous clusters of small, bell-shaped, creamy or yellowish flowers that are striped red or pink. Blooms for several weeks in late spring. Good fall color.
Habit & Growth Rate: Slow to medium growth rate to 6 or 7 ft. Upright grower at a young age. Becomes wide spreading with age.
Landscape Uses: Shrub border. Mixed border. Deer resistant.
Hardiness: Zone 4 or 5 to 7.
Culture: Full sun to medium shade. Best in a peaty soil that is at least slightly acid. Will tolerate higher pH than other Ericaceous shrubs.