Hydrangea paniculata 'Tardiva'
Panicle Hydrangea
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Family: Saxifrage Family (Saxifragaceae)
Native Habitat: Japan


General Hydrangea paniculata Info:
Panicle Hydrangea is the most cold hardy Hydrangea we can grow. Its large and showy bloom comes at a welcome time of the year, beginning in mid to late summer and lasting well into fall. This fast growing species can become quite large with some specimens here in Indiana reaching over 12 ft. in height. They are easily kept smaller by occasional pruning or if you want to go to the other extreme you can fashion them into small trees.

The bloom panicles are composed of two flower types. The showy sterile flowers are borne on the outside of the panicle. The much smaller, fluffy, fertile flowers are partially visible beneath the showier, sterile ones.

This Variety:
'Tardiva' is an wonderful selection that has several outstanding features to recommend it. The large, triangular shaped bloom inflorescences have outer showy flowers that are pure white and are set off nicely by the dark green foliage. . The blooms retain a fresh look for many weeks after they open. It is one of the latest shrubs to bloom, beginning in late summer and lasting into September and October.

Ornamental Characteristics: Large, triangular shaped flower inflorescences are up to 8" long. The panicles begin to emerge in August and are pure white. Flowers last into September and early October
Habit & Growth Rate: Fast growing to 8 to 10 ft. tall and 6 to 8 ft. wide. Can be kept smaller by hard pruning or can be trained into a tree form.
Landscape Uses: Shrub border. Mixed border. Specimen, if trained into tree form.
Hardiness: Zone 3 to 8.
Culture: Very adaptable plant that's easy to grow in average garden soil in sun or part shade. Flowers on new wood so best pruned in winter or early spring. Will take hard pruning well.