Philadelphus x lemoinei 'Innocence'
Variegated Mockorange
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Family: Saxifrage family (Saxifragaceae)
Native Habitat: of hybrid origin

Most varieties of Mockorange are really grown for only one reason and that is their attractive, incredibly-fragrant flowers. When the flowers emerge in late spring they can nearly perfume an entire garden on a calm day. Unfortunately, the blooms last for only two or three weeks in late spring. For the rest of the year they are a nondescript green shrub. In modern landscapes we demand more than several weeks of ornamental interest.

'Innocence' is a hybrid cultivar of Mockorange that not only blooms heavily in late spring, it also has attractive variegated foliage that is highly ornamental all season long. By the way, in case you're wondering about the common name; Mockorange refers to the similarity of the flowers to those of orange trees.

Ornamental Characteristics:
Leaves are splashed and streaked creamy-white. Small clusters of white 1½" flowers in late spring. Flowers are heavily sweet-scented.
Habit & Growth Rate:
Can grow to 6 or 8 ft. high with a similar spread. Medium growth rate.
Landscape Uses: Shrub border, foundation planting, specimen. Deer resistant.
Hardiness: Zone 4 to 8
Easily grown in full sun to light shade. Adaptable to most soils except those that are poorly drained.