Salix repens 'Argentea'
Silver Creeping Willow
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Family: Willow family (Salicaceae)
Native Habitat: western Europe


Silver Creeping Willow is certainly one of our favorite shrubs. Amazingly, it is relatively unknown and therefore quite under-used in most landscapes. Most commonly available willows grow quickly, and unless kept in check with regular pruning, often outgrow their bounds. Not only is this willow exceptionally attractive, its growth is restrained and it will rarely outgrow its space.

As the name implies the foliage is silver, stunningly so. When sited in front of plants with dark green foliage the silver color really stands out. It is a relatively slow grower reaching only about 3 ft. in height and spreading quite slowly. It is the best silver foliaged shrub we know.




Ornamental Characteristics:
Bright silver foliage.
Habit & Growth Rate:
Slowly-spreading, upright, deciduous shrub Slow to medium growth rate. Maximum height of 3 or 3-1/2 ft.
Landscape Uses: Shrub border, foundation planting. Deer resistant.
Hardiness: Zone 5 to 7.
Easily grown in average garden soils. Full sun to light shade.
  Growing in its native habitat